These are my two current Shar-peis, Daisy, and Lillie Belle.

Daisy came to live with me in February and Lillie Belle in July, both in 2016.

I've had Shar-peis since 1992, when I got Bertha.

Then I got Rip, and Maggie, and Haley Bailey.

And then, I got Sophie Sue, my Smoosh Puss Soulmate. She went just about everywhere with me from the time I first rescued her until I had to let her go in December, 2015. I was so heartbroken from losing her, I didn't think I could stand getting another one.

But clearly, I couldn't resist.

I update their Facebook page fairly often. It started off as Sophie Sue's page...I'd tell people "If you knew Sophie Sue, you'd love her, too." 

They're on Instagram, too - @daisysharpei and @lilliesharpei

If you start following them, it won't be long before you love them, too.