Hi There

I’m an energetic, self-directed database architect, systems analyst & web application developer with extensive technical, entrepreneurial & management experience.

I have a career-long history of taking on difficult projects that require new skills. I learn, ask, research, and work diligently until I successfully complete them.

I’ve just begun creating this online portfolio, so for now, I’ve created pages that mimic my resume. I will be putting more work and project examples here very soon.


My skills and the roles are listed here.


I’ve written a summary of my experience here.


If you’re interested in my education and certifications, that’s available here.

About Me

If you’d like to know how I believe I am to work with, I’ve written a bit about it here.


My LinkedIn profile is available here.


I’ve also uploaded an online version of my resume.

Please note: My phone number and email address have been removed from this online version for spam-protection and privacy reasons. You’re welcome to contact me through my contact form, or through LinkedIn

Two more things

Personal Interests

I’ve put some information about my personal interests on this site as well. I’ve always found getting to know the personal side of someone helps with getting to know them professionally.

I Love Illustrator

And if you’re interested in knowing what the icons on this site, and on my resume represent, I put together this resume icons legend. I taught myself Illustrator at the end of 2016, and the beginning of 2017, and created these icons using it. I confess: I pretty thoroughly fell in love with Illustrator. Quite an amazing piece of software!

Thank You!

That’s it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page.