Tech Tidbit – Proofread To Me

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Tech Tidbit – Proofread To Me


I sent an email today, and then read it out loud to someone else. Oops. I had a typo. It wasn’t a spelling error, though. It was the wrong word, so it didn’t get caught by spell-checker. I didn’t notice it either, because I’d read what I THOUGHT I’d written, instead of what I’d ACTUALLY written.

One of my housemates uses SpeakIt, a Chrome extension. He gets it to read his email back to him, before he sends it. So I installed it before my last blog post about podcasts. Guess what. It caught two more of the same types of errors.

I’m planning to use it for reading my email before I send it, and my posts before I publish them.

Two items of note:

  1. (+) Once I made a few corrections, I just wanted to re-listen to those areas.  It let me select and listen to that smaller portion of text.
  2. (-) I did have to view the post in preview, in order for this to work correctly. If I didn’t, it started reading all of the other items in the back-end admin area of WordPress!

Several reviewers mention that it only reads 500 words per day, unless you upgrade for $2.99 a month. I want developers to make money for what they spend their time creating for the rest of us, so if it works well over the next week or so, and I find that I’m using it regularly, I’ll upgrade.

TTS Reader

I did want to mention something else I found, while looking around for this kind of functionality.  There’s a website application called TTS Reader that approaches this in a slightly different way.  Instead of being a browser extension, you go to their website (, paste in your text, and have it read to you from there.

I haven’t tried it yet, but they claim to be able to read PDFs and text files as well.  I’m going to give this one a try, too.

They advertise a Chrome extension is coming soon, which will allow you to read from within a website, instead of pasting in their reader box.

tts reader


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  • Beth Fitzsimmons

    Thank you, I didn’t know anything like this even existed.

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