Month: January 2017

SpeakIt Chrome Extension Screenshot

Tech Tidbit – Proofread To Me

SpeakIt I sent an email today, and then read it out loud to someone else. Oops. I had a typo. It wasn’t a spelling error, though. It was the wrong word, so it didn’t get caught by spell-checker. I didn’t notice it either, because I’d read what I THOUGHT I’d written, instead of what I’d


It started off as an awesome addiction to public radio.  I could listen all day and night, and never want to turn it off.  I’m fortunate that we have one of the best public radio stations in the country, right here in Austin.  The shows they broadcast, and the way they’ve lined them up, is

Arduino Hole

^^ Look what I got for Christmas.

Mind you, I asked for it, so I’m not some innocent victim here.


It started off as so many interests do…something catches our attention out of the corner of our eye. For me, it was a 2016 Fractal Calendar, sitting on a display carousel in Whole Foods Market, late in 2015, at a time I desperately needed something colorful and beautiful to distract me. I hadn’t had a

Learning Something New

Learning is Humbling…And Fun Back in September, I created a Facebook page when I’d decided to seek employment instead of starting another business. I intended to create some kind of logo or header, so I opened up Illustrator, a program I’ve only been in a few times. Shortly afterwards, I wrote this on that page: