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I am a Senior Software Technologist, with a broad range of experience in many different technologies and environments.

I am currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer for a Fortune 50 technology company, in the Cloud Development Division. This division creates the infrastructure and software necessary for clients to provision cloud instances and do other cloud-related tasks.

I am interested in finding a new, challenging position that offers me the opportunity to continue learning at a rapid pace, and has a clear path for me to effectively use my skills, so I can make a strong contributing to a team, an organization, and its customers.

I am looking for an organization that is forward-thinking, growth-oriented and community conscientious. A company that focuses on creating and maintaining a fantastic internal culture and encourages true teamwork and collaboration is important to me.

I thrive when I report to a leader who has vision, provides positive accountability, and realizes that motivated, trained, enabled, appreciated employees are THE KEY to success on any project.